Marquez won via TKO against Manny Pacquiao on the 6th round

After a big fight on HBO PPV, it is our habit to conduct a review of the fight.

Manuel Marquez won via technical knockout after he knocked out cold Pacquiao on the 6th round. An unexpected counter punch right straight jab from Marquez landed at the face of Pacquiao which lost his consciousness.

At the beginning of the fight, during the first two rounds, Manny Pacquiao was able to control pace and speed of the fight. Unfortunately, he was down on the third round from a right hook of Manuel Marquez. Pacquiao fans lose hope at that time, but it was regained after Marquez was down by Pacquiao on the fifth round.

Last 10 seconds on the sixth round, Manny Pacquiao became too aggressive and it seems that he wanted to finish the fight on that round and knock out Marquez before the bell rang. However, an unexpected counter punch from Marquez landed right at the center of his face and he was down losing his consciousness which makes the referee decide to end the fight. What happened on the sixth round shocked all boxing fans all over the world. For the past ten years, nobody KO’d Pacquiao.

Few hours after the fight, boxing fans of both fighters posted their opinions and comments about the fight on our Facebook Page. Here are some of them.

Thomas Carreda Justice marquez won!!!!

Jonathan Recinos I Cant Believe What Historical Punch Pacquiao Got! Greatest Fight & Knock Out Of The Century!

Wicho Machado Paquiao is a politician now. Not a boxer.

Hectoor Capo Cabrales Marques is one Bad Ass Mexican Boxer!! It was not a lucky punch, he simply knew that the first time he got knocked out he had to box Manny in a calm way because he saw that Manny wanted to knock Marques out in a Fast Agrresive way. Manny felt way over confidence even tho he was winning every round. Very pleased for this two legend boxers. VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!!!!

Luis Gonzales Lo que nececitan tanto marquez.como paquiao es retirarse son unos excelentes boxeadores ya formaron su historia lo mejor es que se retiren como unos grandes del boxeo

Joseph Serrato I believe this fight could have been one of their last if not their last, I say Marquez vs Bradley would make quite the fight for Marquez to defend the title next year. And other hand, my respects for Paquiao but Marquez has always been the better fighter…Y VIVA MEXICO!!!

Robert Alfaro wow what a fight….pacquiao-marquez 5?

Garry Yap pacquiao marquez 5! do it again so it wont be called a lucky punch!

Julious Ja-Juan Randolph Right hand said that from the beginning …what put him on his back..?????????*^▁^*

Katarina Kaxna Gerhatova Both to retire.very gd fight and viva Marquez

Michael English Great fight, Not the result one was hoping for but thats boxing for ya, gotta love it, wasn’t a lucky punch as well, marquez knew what was coming and manny was sloppy first with that lead jab and having his straight down near his knee, very sloppy!!!

Garry Yap 2-1 pacquiao still leads this war!!! one more time!!!

Joseph Serrato Weather he wore a rosary or not had nothing to do with the fight. It was only him and Marquez up in the ring. I was a boxer myself and I never had any excuses for when I list a fight, and Paquiao shouldnt have any and his posy or the so called boxing experts shouldn’t either. He lost in the cleanest and most amazing of ways. A KO, and nobody can take that from Marquez.

Christine Carino VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!! Marquez so happy for you and thank you for giving us a great fight you are badass so sorry for pacman you got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bout time history today

Edgar Flores Both retire. Or yeah marquez vs bradley would be good. Please no more mayweather talk he’s irrelevant , ducking n dodging…. but I guarantee he will call pacman out now

Edgar Flores Marquez vs danny garcia

Wilson Maina Fair and square at last my man Marquez,got his revenge.The thorn has been removed.pheew what a stunner.

Garry Yap manny was tripped of by marquez’s left foot that’s why he wasn’t able 2 get away with that lucky punch.

Johanna Bogantes It was a lucky punch !! Pacquiao is the best and Marquez just got lucky tonight , I will love to see fight # 5 and then Marquez will know who is the best of the best fighter PACQUIAO!!! I don’t think that was a clean fight!!!

Celina Chavez So now its a lucky punch? Pac did say he was ready for this fight and didn’t show it. Yall aint out there in the ring. Let them niggas fight and do what they gotta do. This was to show that Marquez had his previous fights stolen therefore knocked him out to make it CLEAR who has always been the best. Don’t get booty hurt just accept the fact. If yall want to be a judge in the future then be. But don’t try to say what you don’t know now.

Tarryn Libralovejones Sampson That was one of the best fights I’ve seen. Action packed from start to finish. I can’t stop talking about that fight. 

The next action for Pacquiao will have to be carefully planned. A lot of boxers are never fully able to recover from a knock out like that (ie Shane Mosley, Roy Jones, Mike Tyson to name a few). In my opinion PacMan wasn’t hurting Marquez with most of those punches. It might be time to reevaluate the career. Congressman & Hennessy Ambassador may be a good look!

As for Marquez, the time is prime. He got robbed in the past. He made sure there was NO doubt on the winner of this fight. Next step…I say it’s Mayweather time! Why not??? He knock the main Mayweather contender out of the number one spot. So now he’s in that spot!

#Mayweather Marquez!

From the comments of the fans above, what would be your conclusion of this fight?

What is next after this Pacquiao vs Marquez 5? Would there be Pacquiao vs Marquez 5?

Manny Pacquiao can’t still say that there would be 5th bout between them. It will depend on the situation as he said. The big question now, would Mayweather vs Pacquiao still possible to happen? Or Mayweather will use this as a reason why he will not fight Pacquiao anymore.

What is next for Pacquiao? Lots of fans saying especially Filipinos that it would be better for Pacquiao to retire from boxing and just be a congressman, in that way, he will served poor people of the Philippines, specifically, Saranggani Province. What do you think of this?

How about for Marquez? Will he retire or still fight for another division?

Some fans are saying that Pacquiao lose the fight ‘cuz there of some signs that changed him. Pacquiao was not wearing the rosary that he always bring every time he fight. As you noticed, Pacquiao changed the color of his short. Also, he didn’t make a sign of the cross before his fight with Marquez. Are these the reasons why he lose the fight against Marquez?

After the fight, he had an interview with one of the HBO reporter and he said that he did his best but in a game, there is always a winner and a loser. He humbly accept his defeat which makes the fans salute him.

If you want to watch Pacquiao vs Marquez 5 Replay, click here.

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  1. they were too dangerous fighter so i shud say that manny will win by split decisions at the end of the round.

  2. I like both fighters and I think it will be a good and exciting fight good luck to the both of you Pacquiao and Marquez.

  3. Whoever win with thier fight i congratulate him B’coz i will turn over my world champion word.
    Congratulation to both of you. ha.. ha..
    Thanks for Marquez that he is willing to fight with Pacquiao for the 4rth time not like MayWeather he is just like a Weather, he only choose his opponents that he can easily beat.
    I will now consider Pacquiao and Marquez as the World Champion except the Weather.

  4. Send thousand Marquez, still No match for Pacquiao. Wa………………………hahahahhahhaahahaha……………..

  5. The reason why marquez always lose to pacquaio is because of his false mindset and critic’s mouth favor. The reality is that he always assume that he is the winner but typically he is just taking advantage of other people’s sympathy. He lose because he keeps on waiting for pacquaio’s punches to counter. Marquez is the challenger so he is the one who needs to be more aggressive to win the fight.. Pacquaio wins because of his massive landed punches and aggressiveness…

  6. whatever the outcome is, either one of them should win via knockout! after this fight, hello UFC!

  7. i think pacquaio vs marquez 4 will be a draw. so boxing fans ready for pacquiao, marquez 5 this fight end until they reach at the age of 45.

  8. 3 round aalisin ni pacquiao ang gloves at sasambunutan nya si marquez!!! knock out siya echoz!!!

  9. yall are crazy, seen all the previous 3 fights, its gonna be marquez by decision, the judges are out for pacmans blood, the only way pac man will win fairly in the eyes of public will be k.o., dont hold your breath, he hasnt pulled the trigger in years…long live money mayweather

  10. ganyan naman lagi nyong sinasabi pagnatatalo si paquiao nadaya o tinapakan o kasi may dinaramdam sa laban pagnatalo natalo ibig sabihin marquez has surpass paquiao that’s all wag na kayong humanap ng rason kitang kita na natulog na matulog na lang kasi wala ng dahilan para sa panglima kasi talo na at dahil walang rosary what’s the big DEAL read the BIBLE you know! paquiao lose because he’s not worth for marquez

  11. Marquez never throws a lucky punch. He is a master of his trade just like the PAC man. There will not be fighters like these in a long time after they and Floyd retire. The previous 3 fights both fighters landed amazing shots from every angle but some of the power was lost by the opponents elusive movement. Marquez has hit him that hard before but pacs was always fainting away at the same time so it never fully did its potential damage. This fight marquez sacrificed his elusiveness to draw in an overconfident PAC man. He executed the game plan great. Marquez spent the first 2 rounds solely working the body to set up the over hand right knockdown in the third. Trust me there’s no luck with two technicians like these. Amazing just amazing.


    I WON BY the foot stopper technique, this time from round 1 to round 6

  13. Jesus was right.. You would have to be kidding a little to guess Pacman would get k.o…

  14. pacquiao got his clock cleaned…real good! Damn, did he really hit the canvas face first? There’s no need for another fight…pacquiao should retire. Marquez is the MAN!!!

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